O is for Orange Bellied Parrots – the VIB’s of the South West! #MelaleucaMiscellany

OBP v Firetail

OBP vs. beautiful firetail – fight!

I’m in the field today, and have just realised that I didn’t bring the right images with me – these ones are puny and disappointing – apologies.  I also have to go immediately out to eat something, and so, in haste, all I have to say about the OBPs is

  • There are not very many of them
  • This is not good.
  • Even though lots of people come to Melaleuca to visit them,
  • They could do with some more friends

Find out more about their rather tenuous migratory lifestyles here, and about the massive National Recovery Effort being made by an extraordinary team of passionate birdos here.