Baby swift parrotses!

Yesterday, I went to Bruny Island with Team Swift Parrot, and watched them torturing adorable baby gremlin birds.  Photographic evidence attached.


Dr Dejan Stojanovic hypnotising a baby swift parrot before taking its blood.

As well as taking these tiny, flooffy, incredibly rowdy fuzz-buckets from their nests, they also measured them, weighed them in ziplock bags, and stole their feathers and blood, allegedly for science, but I have it on good authority that researcher Dr Dejan Stojanovic (pictured above) actually uses the blood from these helpless babies as a key ingredient for his elixir of eternal youth (he’s actually 763).


Latest horrifying pet trend to emerge from Tasmania – birds in bags.

More details on the terrible things they do to adorable baby dinosaur creatures in the name of conservation can be found at the Difficult Birds website.


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