J is for Jetties – wildlife watching by the water, and general idling. #MelaleucaMiscellany


There are many fabulous jetties to choose from around Melaleuca, most providing great opportunities for swimming, wildlife watching, and general idling.  These are some of my favourites:


The jetty at Claytons’ Corner provides an excellent spot for a bit of tea drinking and wildlife watching. Some monstrously big fish (maybe wrasse?) lurk under the piers here, ever hopeful that a bit of your lunch, or possibly a stunned march fly, may fall into their mouths.


Looking over to Mount Rugby and the start of the Needwonne walk, the jetty on Melaleuca Inlet is often used by boaties visiting Melaleuca, and is also the departure point for kayaking trips and Par Avion’s boat tours. The walk down to the jetty provides great opportunities to spot ground parrots, and allegedly, the occasional Lewin’s Rail.


On the short Needwonne walk, which tells stories of the area’s indigenous heritage, there is a rather nice little jetty which looks out over the lagoon. It’s a good spot to see yellow-throated honeyeaters, black swans and the occasional pacific black duck. It’s also a great spot to get swarmed by squadrons of sandflies.


The view from the jetty by the bushwalkers’ huts, looking down towards the jetty at the Fenton/King residence. We went swimming off this jetty most days, probably giving the galaxias quite a fright. The water is stained tea-brown with tannins, meaning that even with a mask, visibility is about half a metre. It is like swimming in salty Guinness.


Old jetty signs never die – they just get incorporated into the rustic furniture of the rangers’ quarters. Here, DC is installing an artisanally-designed, hand-crafted, carbon-neutral, locally-sourced, sugar-free bedside table. Today’s slightly bodgy DIY – tomorrow’s heritage feature!


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