Operation Ringtail Relocation

There’s a ringtail possum living in the corner of my house.

This beautiful picture of a ringtail possum, taken by Neville Barrett of North East Landcare, was stolen from here.

This beautiful picture of a ringtail possum, taken by Neville Bartlett of Landcare North East, was stolen from here.

She is adorable, and could stay there forever, but for a few small issues.

1.  That bit of the house is falling apart.  

The previous house owners had, shall we say, a rather laissez-faire attitude to household maintenance.  We’ve just dug about a cubic metre of children’s toys, dog blankets, bits of mattress and random plastic out of a small section of their previous garden, and their free-spirited approach to home-making pervades many aspects of the house in general.  The barge boards which block out the overhang under the eaves are slowly dissolving, and the tangle of carefully shredded bark, feathers and assorted garden detritus from which the ringtail has made her home is becoming steadily more apparent.  This may also be because she’s been replenishing her boudoir (technically known as a drey), or possibly because

2. When it rains, this corner of the house becomes a tiny Niagara Falls.

Which must be quite unpleasant for the possum.  Also, the more it rains, the more the corner sags, making me quite afraid that one night, she and any babies she has will just fall out and hit the ground.  The dodgy guttering also appears to be a legacy of the previous owner’s home handyman efforts, and is of especial concern as

3. This roof-top cascade exits the house directly above our mains power connection.

You would think this would be my primary concern, and that this would have prompted swifter action on my behalf.  But, as the water and electricity have seemed to stay magically segregated, I’ve not quite gotten around to actually getting it fixed.

This week, this will have to change.  Not because I’m scared I will be electrocuted in my metal-framed bed, or because I fear the house might burn down.  I’m worried that the ringtail might get hurt.


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